Do you own an AC unit with leaking Evaporator Coils?

Seeger Weiss believes numerous Air Conditioning Manufacturers are having issues with leaking evaporator coils, and we are seeking consumers who are interested in pursuing a class action suit.  Additionally, we are interested in obtaining consumers’ leaking coils for inspection by a qualified expert.

Note:  A Settlement has been reached with Lennox Industries Inc. in a class action lawsuit about whether it manufactured and sold defective evaporator coils.  To file a claim, please visit:

Depending on your situation and the state in which you reside, there may be time sensitive criteria that can prevent you from filing a claim.  Do not delay.  Contact us to see if you are eligible for a class action suit against these AC Manufacturers for your leaking evaporator coils.

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Faulty Evaporator Coils Overview

After only a few years of purchase, the AC units cease cooling as a result of leaking evaporator coils.  These coil leaks start slow and gradually worsen.  As such, AC companies attempt to put a “band aid” on the problem by injecting refrigerant, which costs the consumer hundreds of dollars.  However, this is merely a temporary fix.  As the leaks expand, simply injecting refrigerant no longer becomes feasible.  Instead, a replacement coil is the only solution.  If a consumer is within warranty, the AC company might elect to cover the cost of the replacement coil, but the consumer must front the bill for labor costs to install the new coil.  These costs could reach nearly $1,000.  Worse, consumers are reporting that the replacement coils are also prone to failure.

We believe these evaporator coils are failing due to formicary corrosion.  The copper coils cannot withstand the AC’s internal pressure and the corroded coils leak as a result of excessive pressure.  Thin, copper coils are to blame.  In fact, many AC companies have reportedly switched from copper to tin-coated or aluminum coil after receiving a bevy of complaints.

We are seeking out consumers for class action suits again the AC companies.  We are also interesting in getting the leaking coils inspecting by a qualified expert.

Common Questions About the Evaporator Coils Class Action Suit

How much do I have to pay to file a lawsuit?

Nothing up front. Seeger Weiss represents you via a contingency agreement. This means that we receive payment only if your case settles or wins at trial.

How much is a faulty evaporator coil case worth?

The monetary value and result of your lawsuit cannot be determined beforehand. It is highly unethical for an attorney or law firm to promise any amount of compensation prior to settlement or completion of trial.

Won’t there be uncomfortable meetings and accusations?

Every legal party sued has the right to examine a plaintiff through the discovery process. However, your representation will protect you from unnecessary requests and attempts at harassment. Additionally, many cases are settled outside of a courtroom in which case you would not have to testify.

Don’t class-action lawsuits take years to decide?

Not necessarily. While large companies do have resources to cause legal delays, often they are interested in keeping the cost from being astronomical. If a settlement is possible that meets the needs of a plaintiff and is less than the risk of going to trial, such businesses often choose settlement. Contact us today to receive your free faulty evaporator coil lawsuit case evaluation!